Auto Posting


1. Input your email in Step 3.

2. Input your password in Step 5.

3. Input the post description in Step10.

4. For the image, paste the local path where your images are located in Step 12.

e.g C:\Users\ADMIN\Downloads\Shiena\2944067.jpg

If you will create more than one post;

* Create a Google Sheet with the information given above. Name the header accordingly. Set up a loop for TaskMagic to go through, and ensure your Google worksheet is shared with automations@taskmagic.

Here are the steps for setting up your trigger.

  • Click the ‘Setup’ trigger in the upper corner of the TaskMagic Screen.
  • Select the ‘Loop’ option.
  • Click ‘Setup.’
  • Paste your spreadsheet link.
  • After pasting, click on the dropdown option below.
  • Select the sheet where your trigger data is stored.
  • If you see the correct header, then click the ‘Looks good’ button.
  • Specify the row number from which you want to start your loop.
  • Specify the number of rows you want to loop through at a time.
  • Click ‘Continue’ button.
  • If you want to schedule your automation to run at a specific time, click the dropdown and select your choice.
  • Click the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Drag the bullet to indicate when you want to start and end your loop.
  • Replace each steps with their designated variables (e.g @email)
  • Finally, click the ‘Play Steps’ button in the upper section of TaskMagic to run the automation.
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